Recycling Shower in a Sprinter Van

Watch all my videos on YouTube! Taking an ordinary shower in a Van remains an unresolved issue. Two things come to mind, when designing a minimal Van shower: The actual shower pan. Multiple solutions are available, like the Shower-In-A-Drawer that I installed recently. A more elegant way is shown is this video, but this is one that involves a major rebuild of the floor …
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Two Great Hikes in AZ

The two planned hikes were Sara’s Crack at Lake Havasu City and Signal Hill in Saguaro National Park near Tucson. During the RTR, I spent most of my time at the event, watching some of the presentations and walk among the RV’s, meeting and talking to many interesting people. But about midway, I needed to get …
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mobile garden

Mobile Garden

Having some plants around you, will make it feel homey in the van. For now it will have to be these cacti, but when I move in permanently, I may replace them with some herbs that I can use during cooking.
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Subscriber Meetup

Watch all my videos on YouTube! I’ll be heading to the RTR in the Quartzsite area of Arizona and there is the opportunity for all of you to meet me and look at the current state of the van build. I’ll try to be there during the entire RTR, which is held between January 9th and 20th. …
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